About PokerBuddy Pro

Ever wondered how it feels to have a poker pro by your side at the tables?
Now you have a chance to find out with PokerBuddy Pro.

For over two years, we have been harnessing the power of mathematics to develop PokerBuddy, a formidable No Limit Texas Hold'em Artificial Intelligence. PokerBuddy was tested at live play for real money, and has proven itself time after time.

As a first step in our mission to provide first class training platforms in an interactive social environment, we bring you PokerBuddy Pro.

Poker Buddy Pro enhances your game with a personal coaching team, advising and teaching as you play.

As part of the learning process, for any tough decision, you may choose one of three advisors, each with their own style of poker, and their own tips for playing like a pro.

PokerBuddy Pro is currently distributed as an open beta to the general public. Using the support banner, we welcome users to report any problems they discover with the software, or suggest features they would like to see in upcoming versions.

With your help, PokerBuddy Pro will soon support other online poker rooms and add exciting new features that will accompany you as you grow in the world of poker.

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About the PokerBuddy Artificial Intelligence (AI)

PokerBuddy's AI (Artificial Intelligence) was developed over a span of two years by a group of mathematicians, psychologists and poker experts.

It is based on a mathematical algorithm formulated through extensive testing and fine tuned by professional poker players to create the ultimate in poker AI.

Some of the mathematical models that are used in PB Pro’s algorithm include Nash equilibrium - opponent modeling, Independent Chip Modeling (ICM), Equity calculations and much more.

The AI's game style has been tested and proven to be a winning one.

Poker is a game of long term expectations and variance. In a single hand or even a full tournament, anything can happen, but in the long run the AI has proven itself to be a highly effective tool for improving your game.

It is important to note that over the years there has been a lot of academic research done on the game of texas hold`em. The most notable has been the groundbreaking work by the computer poker research group at the University of Alberta on their AI platform called Polaris. While Polaris expertise is in the game of limit texas hold`em and mainly for two players (heads-up) only, the PokerBuddy AI was created for no-limit and supports a full table variable.

We at EV-Plus continue to research and improve the AI with the goal of making it the world’s strongest no-limit texas hold`em artificial intelligence. Your feedback is very important for us so don't hesitate to send us any hands that you would play differently. We will continue working hard to improve the PokerBuddy AI.

The PokerBuddy AI was created with the goal of helping human players better understand the game of no-limit texas holdem. It is by no means a bot as we at EV-Plus have no intention of spoiling your gaming experience. That is the main reason that the amount of live advice we offer is very limited and most of the focus is put on post action feedback, re-playing the games with the AI’s analysis, and playing against the AI on the simulator.

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