Q: What is PokerBuddy Pro?
A: The new PokerBuddy Pro by EV-Plus, is an artificial intelligence program for Facebook’s Zynga Poker - with an attitude. Online poker, and especially Zynga Poker on Facebook, is as much about a fun experience as it is about winning. PokerBuddy Pro deftly walks a tight rope between providing the user with professional level advice, based on algorithmic and statistical analysis - while leaving plenty of room to exercise individual playing styles.

Q: Who is behind PokerBuddy AI?
A: The PokerBuddy team spent two years developing a complex gaming algorithm for “No-limit Texas-Hold’em” poker, which perpetually updates its hand-play recommendations based on numerous elements including: your hole cards (your hand), the flop cards (top facing cards on the table), and the overall number of cards dealt, as well as current pot size. All information is then aggregated and filtered through PokerBuddy’s three playing styles, or “personalities”.

Q: What makes the PokerBuddy Pro advisers so special?
A: PokerBuddyPro uses the PokerBuddy AI, which is based on mathematical research, extensive testing and fine tuning by pro poker players. The AI's game style has been proven to be a winning one. In theory, if you were to follow the adviser's advice on every hand over a long period of time, you would win more than lose.

Q: Do the advisers ever get it wrong?
A: Poker is a game of long term expectations and variance. In a single hand or even a full tournament, anything can happen, but in the long run the AI has proven itself to be a highly effective tool for improving your game. It is important to note that we continuously improve the AI based on the latest research findings and your input. As such, your feedback is very important for us so don't hesitate to send us any hands that you would play differently. We will continue working hard to improve the PokerBuddy AI.

Q: Why can't I have unlimited advice for each game?
A: PokerBuddy's goal is to help users improve their understanding and consequently their enjoyment of the game of poker. We oppose giving unfair advantage to certain players over others. Thus we limit the amount of real-time advice.

Q: Is PokerBuddy Pro a bot?
A: No. PokerBuddy Pro won’t play for you. It will help you better understand the game and enjoy it more. We have no intention of giving an unfair advantage to any of the players. PokerBuddy will help you become a better player, fair and square.

Q: What will happen if everyone will use PokerBuddy Pro?
A: More people will enjoy the game, being able to better understand the beauty of no-limit texas hold`em. Because the number of real-time advice is very limited the players are not able to get live advice for most situations and will therefore have to make their own decisions on many plays. The strengths are the ability to provide feedback after the move is made, to give the option to easily share hands and discuss them, to replay the games for reviewing with the AI’s help and training against the AI on a unique poker simulator.

Q: Why should I register to pokerbuddy?
A: By registering, the games you play with PokerBuddy Pro will be saved and accessible online (only to you, unless you choose to share). This will allow you to track your results, see your statistics, replay the games for analysis with the PokerBuddy AI and easily share and discuss poker related stuff with your friends.

Q: Is it for me? Am I too new/advanced to use it?
A: PokerBuddy is the perfect suite of tools for the newbie and the advanced player alike. It has many cool features that benefit poker players of all levels, while retaining a very simple and self explanatory interface. The new player will immediately profit from the fact that he is not playing alone anymore. Feedback is given on every move made while playing. There are also stats, tips and explanations to help you get started with the game. For the advanced player there are even more great features: easily share interesting hands, analyze different scenarios and view results in one safe online “data locker”.

Q: Is this really free? How are you going to make money out of it?
A: The Beta stage is totally free and we pledge to always maintain a similar free version. In the future we may give those interested, the option to purchase more advanced training packages

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